Monthly Archives: September 2006

Game 3, a slight delay

Whew. It’s late and i’ve spent way too long fiddling with this game. The words I chose this time were radiation therapy and trespass. A bit of a wierd combination, and I had some trouble coming up with a good … Continue reading


Here we go. This is my second game, I named it hovercrafty. The story goes like this: You were out picking up pills in the nearby swamp, as usual. Then suddenly the steering on you hovercraft breaks, you’re forced to … Continue reading

Game 2

A new day and a new game. Yesterday I started working on a new game, the words I chose this time around were swamp and secret. The idea I had from that was to drive one of those swamp boats … Continue reading


Here we go, the game’s done. Well. It’s sort of done anyway. I think i found some sort of gameplay here, It’d be nice to add in some tree management, watering them and keeping away bugs to grow better lumber. … Continue reading

Game 1, continued

The first game is coming along nicely, though I had to take most of the day off for a pleasant visit to the dentists, I feel I’ve made up for lost time (it’s 2am now) by now. I changed the … Continue reading

Game 1

Today I started working on my first proper game, the last one was more of a practice run. The keywords I’ve chosen are forest and moonlanding I’ve spent the morning looking into some inverse kinematic demos, and pretty much decided … Continue reading


Heartbeat is a rhytm style game, insipred by the words blood pressure and hospital. The connection to blood pressure remains, but hospital got a bit lost on the way. It lacks proper scoring, much due to the problems I ran … Continue reading

Here we go.

So. First of all I want to say sorry to the internet, I promised myself I’d never get a blog. Seems I was wrong, but let’s stop the blogginess here. It all began a few days ago when I was … Continue reading