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The games that didn't make it Part 1: Rain

When you make games the way I do, using quick prototypes to test out ideas, it a natural consequence that not all of them work out. Some turn out great (Hovercrafty, dingding and even isotope2) some do become games, original, … Continue reading


This has been five intense weeks, I really feel that I’ve leant more about games than I did the entire first year on my education. Making games this way is a really great way to get lots of experience, fast. … Continue reading

Swallows postmortem

Words: Bird, Pendulum. Description: When I was looking around for words for this game I instantly knew what to do. Swallows carrying coconuts. I got started on a first prototype, but about midday on the second day it sort of … Continue reading

Fungus postmortem

Words: Mushrooms, Power Description: It was a bit of a struggle to have to start a new game considering the two minor failures that came before. So this time around I took care to choose a gameplay i was sure … Continue reading

Popeatron postmortem

Words: Pope, Traffic jam Description: My plan for this was to make a “god game” where you help the pope in his neat car navigate through a mass of people or cars or something. I did some reading up on … Continue reading

Isotope postmortem

Words: Radiation therapy, Trespass Description: The words I chose this time were a bit of a weird combination, and I had some trouble coming up with a good idea for them. Eventually I decided to go for a surgery-style game, … Continue reading

Hovercrafty postmortem

Words: Swamp, Secret Description: The idea I had from that was to drive one of those swamp boats around and be generally secret. But that seemed like too much of a racing game and not very interesting. I thought a … Continue reading

Moonlumber postmortem

Words: Forest, Moon landing Description: The first game made as the rules intended. On this game I was inspired rather quickly, and my first plan was to make something about driving a logging-truck on the moon. I found some tutorials … Continue reading

Heartbeat postmortem

Words: Hospital, Heart Description: This was a game I made in less than the chosen time limit, it was basically thrown together in an afternoon just to get back my feel for Flash (It had been more than a year … Continue reading