Flashpipes gets an update

Wow, loads and loads of visitors lately. That makes me really happy, but it sucks a bit that I don’t have much new stuff to give you. I’m silly hard at work with my degree project and all the flash magic I work (whoa!) go into that.
I can’t reveal exactly what It’ll be yet, but I guarantee it will be most awesome. It’ll be a bit more interactive and community styled closely intertwined with minigames and some other cool stuff.
We’ll be in early alpha in a bit more than two weeks, and by then there should be a bit more to show for it. Once we go into beta, in yet another four weeks, there’ll be even more neat things to show off.

Once that game’s done, I’m done with school. And that means I need a job. All suggestions are welcome. Wink, wink. Nudge, nugde. My email.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a site called mochiads (click here for non-refered link), they run an ad-network for ads inside flash games. This was exactly what I had been looking for for some time. This allows me to spread my games beyond my site without having to worry about bandwidth expenses.

So if you happend to like flashpipes, my most recent game and guineapig for these ads, and would like to post it on your site/blog/myspace/forum or even your grandmother. Now you can!
Copy ‘n paste this html into any page of your liking and have your visitors playing in notime.

no flash

I have a few more features I’d like to put in the game to make it even better for pasting on your own page, but I need to find some time to implement those first.

Per usual, the plug for kloonigames, I wasn’t expecting Petri to hang in there as long as he has, but boy he’s been busy! He also managed to get his games on 1up’s list of the 101 best free games on the intertubes. I’m a bit envious of that.

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  1. Nice games, I wish you well for the future. 😉

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