Game 6, European or African?

SwallowThe words for this game are bird and pendulum. I spent most part of the day working on a first version, it collapsed on itself somehow and I just couldn’t find what was wrong with the IK-stuff, so I had to start over. Annoying, but I did manage to get it working way faster the second time around, it also works this time. Whilst doing some research i found this very awesome site about swallows. This game will be done by tomorrow night, and for friday you can expect post-mortems for all games and the project as a whole.

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  1. HECK YES!!! First thing I thought when I saw that game on the website is “Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?” I started browsing through the site and WHAM! Finally I see a Monty Python Reference. Great job, man. Long live the King Arthur of comedy. Oh, and next, you have to do a game concerning the Black Knight.

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