Here we go.

Experimental gameplay project.So. First of all I want to say sorry to the internet, I promised myself I’d never get a blog. Seems I was wrong, but let’s stop the blogginess here.

It all began a few days ago when I was to start a new 20 week course, at first I thought I’d learn shader programming, but that seemed pretty boring. But then I remebered the neat games they made over at Experimental Gameplay Project.

I wanted to focus a bit more on coming up with ideas, as I’m primarily a game designer, not a programmer, so I’m doing one game every three days for five weeks (give or take a few days).

The inspiration for each game is taken from two words wich i choose freely from the swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, I can only choose the words once I start making the game, this prohibits me from thinking about my next game whilst working on the current one.

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