I'm busy. That means I'm important, right?

Jay is Games logoThe last week’s been running at full speed. I got my games plugged on a whole bunch of sites, the most notable is perhaps, Jay is Games, yesterday I also got my project conclusion posted on the front page of Experimental Gameplay Project. A whopping 27’000 visitors later I’m just amazed every time I look at the logs.
There’s also been some interest from a couple of flash game sites to license my games, which is super awesome.

So, what’s going on with my latest multiplayer project?
Nothing I’m afraid. I managed to get an internship at a friends web-agency or whatever it’s called nowadays. I’ll be there for the coming three weeks doing some flash applications and other neat stuff.
When I get back I’ll probably do another bunch of games, though I feel the expectations might be a bit higher this time around.

If you hate my games or love my games or have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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