in one piece, source code

As promised, here is the complete source code for in one piece. This is the code for the refactored version, not the actual code that was entered into the jam. The game itself is the same, the code is just alot prettier.

I used FlashDevelop and the open source Flex SDK to code this, so that’s what would be the most convenient to use to get it running. It should compile just fine using Flex Builder too (it’s the same compiler), but using the plain Flash Authoring tool might be trickier. Although I hear CS4 supports the tag, so it might work.

The code uses Tweener for some quick animations, as3ds for linked lists (the inital plan was to have more stuff in the chain) and some color conversion code I stumbled upon on a japanese site a while back. All of these are included in the package for your convenience.

All the graphics are as .swf, the corresponding .fla files are also in there. You will however need the Flash Authoring tool to edit them.

The whole thing is under the MIT license, which basically means you can do whatever you please with it as long as you keep the license attached.

Any and all questions are welcome!

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