Isotope postmortem

isotopeWords: Radiation therapy, Trespass

Description: The words I chose this time were a bit of a weird combination, and I had some trouble coming up with a good idea for them. Eventually I decided to go for a surgery-style game, where you build and control a robotic arm to
“tresspass” into a tumour and radiate it. The plan was to have the player attach a bunch of segments of different kinds to each other and then control these as a kind of probe going into a tunnel.
However, on the the last day for the game I realized it just wasn’t going to be fun, at least not in the time I had left. So a i started a major revamp of the idea, reusing the robot arm, but this time for mimicking radiation patterns.
The idea for the patterns came from a bug in the first version, the arm got stuck in a rotation and made a very interesting pattern. I decided to put a little “pen” on the end of it and it drew really freaky stuff.

What went right: This game has to be the best “save” I did. The first version was a slow, fiddly game that made a rather simple task take forever to complete. Not very fun at all. I still have some faith in the original idea, it would just need better implementation than i managed and a lot of it relies on good level design.
The toy i ended up with does have it’s little perks, it creates all kinds of weird patterns and is quite fun to toy around with. You can make it draw anything from a star to a rocket ship.

What went wrong: I realized that my original idea wasn’t going to be fun a bit too late. Had I realized it earlier it might have ended up becoming a proper game. This way there was just no time for making levels or patterns to match.

Conclusion: I did fail to make a game with this one. However I can’t really feel disappointed over that because the toy that came out has quite a bit of potential. It’s not very complete, but add a day or two of work and it’ll be a
really cool thing.

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