making enemies

glorg is still progressing nicely, this is a quick little timelapse i did this morning of me making an enemy.

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  1. hey!

    I like this video, and I have a question: I recently decided on dwelling into flash development, and went through your tutorials with FlashDevelop, I have only one question left: what tool can I use to create swf objects, like the leek.swf you provided?

    I now about Adobe Flash Pro, but that is too expensive for me, and I haven’t find any good free applications capable of exporting swf files.

  2. I’m glad you like it!

    Sadly Flash Pro is pretty much the only tool that does .swf’s well. The file format specs are public nowadays, but I have yet to see anything that even comes close to what Flash authoring does.

  3. That means I’ll either pirate it (which means it will be an embarrassing experience to publish games), or I will stick to simpler art directions using png’s.

    Do you know of any other way of incorporating animation into my sprites, without the use of .swf’s?

  4. You can do sprite-sheets and stuff with flixel or flashpunk, but they’re pretty much locked into the pixel style of graphics. My suggestion would be to try and find an older version on the cheap somewhere, the graphics parts haven’t really changed that much the last few years.

    Using a pirated version isn’t the most attractive route, but in all honesty, that’s where I got started (~10 years ago) and have been running up until I started making money from it.

  5. Maybe I should also pirate it first, and then if I really get into it than I can get bigger thoughts about getting it.

    Until then I got around it by making simple cute figures that can be created and thus animated from code. My first game won’t be an epic peace, but a good start.

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