moonlumberHere we go, the game’s done. Well. It’s sort of done anyway. I think i found some sort of gameplay here, It’d be nice to add in some tree management, watering them and keeping away bugs to grow better lumber. You control the ship with the arrow key, pick up trees with your crane and toss them with space. You get more points for tossing a tree into the vortex as opposed to just pulling it there, the longer the tree is tossed the more points you get. If you collide with the moon all your points are lost.


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  1. 800.

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  3. Interesting. Great for such a short development time, and the premise of these games, picking 2 words and going with it – brilliant.

    905 btw.

  4. 1300

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  6. I got 1630- cool concept, and multiplayer would be fun too.

  7. i got 0 great game i really got the hang of it but couldn’t get a score over 0

  8. 1790 now!

  9. 950…

  10. 1840 woo

  11. 2050=) @(^.^)@

  12. How does one exactly “toss” a tree?

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