Nordic Game Jam in Pictures

This weekend I attended the Nordic Game Jam, the flagship event of the Global Game Jam. A whole load of games were made, I’m not sure how many since I’m still waiting for the NGJ-site to get updated with the numbers.

The game we made will be up here shortly, we just need to fix some very minor stuff and get the size down a bit. It will also come with the complete source, although it was written in no-time-at-all so it might not be readable or even understandable.

The event was tons and tons of fun. Got to meet a whole bunch of new people and enjoy the wonderfully incomprehensible language of danish for a whole weekend!

All my pictures are available in my Nordic Game Jam 2009 set on flickr.

From the left: Jonas, Kian, Joel, Bernie (behind), Cactus, Erik and Petri

From the left: Petri, Joel, Cactus and Jonas.

Heather did the keynote.

Kian and Bernie

Erik pretending to work

Heather and Cactus making their game

Cactus again.

It’s me!

Jonas and Joel hard at work, while I’m messing about taking pictures.


The IT-university was a pretty fancy place

66.7% of us won a prize!

That’s the whole weekend summed up in pictures. Sadly none from the presentations or award ceremony but I’m hoping someone else got pictures of that.

More about the game we made in my next post.

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  1. Mmm hoegaarden! I can still taste that watery, fake-beer. Great pictures, Martin! 🙂

  2. Wow, i miss that weekend already. Great pics! Atleast the ones i took 🙂

  3. Hoegaarden is a quality beer!

    This is the most complete results from nordic game jam that I’ve managed to find:

    Apparently we did pretty decently even though we had our doubts.

  • I’m surprised they’re taking that long to put the results up. But, judging from last year they look to be very thorough about it all, so maybe that’s why they delay.

  • Hoegaarden? It comes in pints? I’m having one!

    Also, we need more lolpetri on this blog.

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