Super Moustache Generator 500

I thought it would be easier to work all week and then be creative on nights/weekends, but as you’ve no doubt seen here it wasn’t all that easy. There’s a reason for “all” this posting all of a sudden, I am now a little bit less of a working man. I’ve taken Wednesdays off for the foreseeable future to try and make some more fun little apps and games for you to enjoy.
There’s also a little bit bigger project in the works, but that’s a bit too early to talk about now, it might not even make it into development if i jinx it by writing about it here.
But enough with the rants already.

In other news, I’ve spent the last two days failing miserably at growing some form of upper-lip facial hair.
Today I channeled this frustration into Flex and came up with the Super Moustache Generator 500. It’s a bit dodgy in almost every sense as I wrote it in about four hours. You get what you pay for, as they say. Play around with the sliders to make your very own ‘stache, once you’re done I recommend saving the image, print it and then cut it out and play grown up for a while. That’s what I did.

You can send the patterns to your friends, isotope-style. The images stay on the server “permanently”, but if I see a lot of hotlinking going on I’ll change that in a jiffy.

Please do post any fun patterns you find in the comments, preferably with what you would call that particular type o’ stache!

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12 Responses to Super Moustache Generator 500

  1. I just get RSL error 1 of 1
    Error #2032

  2. You will need to have the latest Flashplayer installed, I guess that’s why you’re getting the error.

  3. I also get that error, even thogh i got he lates version

  4. Mmmkay, I recompiled it using static linking instead. So now it should work for everyone that has a reasonably new flash player.

  5. Yaaay it works! cool moustaches! hahah. if only you could change the accual like ‘shape’ of the moustache curve.

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  9. this is amazing.Gonna use it to make some simple wall art!

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