swallowsMy brain hurts. There are instructions for how to play in the game. I sure hope it works. Goodnight ladies and gentlebeings.

The words for this game are by the way birds and pendulum.

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  1. Are those African swallows or European swallows?

    Great game, my best score was a pathetic 106.

  2. Those are european swallows. They have the two little spikes on their tail. Afrian ones do not. I’ll patch this game later today, I see a couple of bugs that needs sorting.

  3. 227.

  4. 571

  5. and african swallows are non migratory

  6. Neat little game, my only suggestion is that the bird flap does not give enough lift to actually cause a change in the altitude of teh coconut.

  7. Hehehe, Monty pythons holy grail xD
    Cool game, But i found that when you click the bird repeatedly it doesnt flap enough, but if you click it once it flaps too high.

  8. AAAA!! Elasticy!!!


    And african and European swallows are the same darn bird. They’re migratory, after all.

  9. there’s a bug when the ropes dont go and something like upside down excalm sign runs after the cursor..

  10. 513 :)))


  11. 681

  12. Took me a few trys to get the hang of it.


  13. 587 for me !

  14. hmm… i can’t seem to start the game…

  15. naspa:-w

  16. Very nice site. Please keep updating it. black game do or not

  17. Intresting game…nice gamplay and graphic.

  18. Hmmm…kind of difficult

  19. Um did anyone get it?
    still not????

    Monty python and the holy grail???

  20. ?????????????? i dun get it… o.o??

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  22. wa

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