The post of shame.

portraitsml.jpgMore than three months the last post. That’s just plain embarrassing.
My excuse is that I both got a job and moved in with my girlfriend. I could never have expected how little time I have to spend on making games.
I haven’t made a single game since my entry into the jayisgames ball physics compo, and I didn’t even post about it here. Once again. The shame.

While I’ve been sitting on my ass both Petri of the often featured kloonigames has managed to get nominated in IGF. To use a slightly worn word, AWESOME.

And as if that wasn’t enough of the awesomeness, Ron and Kyle of 2Dboy and their World of goo got nominated too.

And while these boys have been hard at work I’ve been making quizzes (I make disturbing amount of those at work). I think i went wrong somewhere. Maybe I’ll feel better if I go to GDC in febuary and kick their asses. Too bad it’d cost a small fortune.

I’ll just make a game to mock them instead.

In the time I don’t have.

It seems I can’t beat you this time.

But you haven’t seen the last of me I assure you!


(to help this post from not totally sucking, i’ve attached a picture of me dressed as a gameboy. enjoy.)

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3 Responses to The post of shame.

  1. One week prototypes FTW! 3 of 5 finalists in Seumas McNally grand prize category are based on one week prototypes (Audiosurf is the third). And while Clean Asia isn’t based on one week prorotype, Cactus also makes games in very similar fashion (usually in under a week).

    So the question is why isn’t there a game from you in the finals??? You lazy bastard you! Quit your job and dump your girlfriend and start working on some games 🙂

  2. I second the first, and the last part of the last sentance! I dissaprove of the middle one. Keep the girl, she’s not to harmfull.

  3. Here yee, here yee. I too support extreme and hard work for us pretty consumers to enjoy afterwards. and while you’re at it go ahead and win some prizes. And talking about lazyness, what happened to this blog? More posts of shame is due i guess….

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