Eater of worlds

So. Here it is. My five week project that ended up taking seven weeks. A great big hug to the three awesome fellows that did the music for this game.
Sorry about the not so nice ads, but this is rather bandwidth intensive and I need to pay for the hosting.
Once I find the last bugs (there's bound to be some) I'll do a offline version that you can play in fullscreen.
Now, go knock yourselves out.

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  2. Woho, cool, men en snabb förklaring på exakt vad man ska käka och inte käka vore kanske på sin plats. Annars väldans imponerande!

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  4. Reminds me of Katamari Damacy

  5. I’m 1st in the highscores but it looks like a bug in how counting points…
    Anyway, that’s a nice game.

  6. I’ve seen people get that score bug a few times, but I can’t reproduce it. Very odd.

  7. I think the ‘total objects’ thing is messed up – it showed 1739990 objects, 9990 objects dropped. Firefox Mac.

  8. Level 2: 161 objects picked up
    71 objects dropped

    90 objects in ball

    26399907 objects picked up
    999071 objects dropped

    263 objects in ball

  9. I’ve got a major bug – for me Lvl. 2 never ends!

  10. I found the same bug as Josh, except for me this happens on level three.

  11. same as Josh…
    and the music stopped abruptly on lvl 2

  12. same bug, happened in first AND second level. got around it right-clicking on the game screen and selecting the “play” command from the menu, which made me proceed to the next level.
    nice game though!

  13. Had the never ending level… level one. My blob finally filled the entire screen.

  14. That neverending level bug is news to me, I can’t really understand what would make it behave that way. Wierd. But I guess that’s the way bugs are…

  15. you wasted 7 weeks of your life man

  16. Nice! Love the 3d effect when you move into the landscape. Looking forward to the offline version!

  17. i love your site!
    can we exchange links?


  18. with the never ending level bug you can right click and press play when ever you like

  19. Well… I got that neverending level bug twice, on level 2 and 3.. I only got it when hitting the bombs. One the first bomb (or second or third) I hit, the music stopped, the level straightened out and it just kept going.

  20. Nice work! Could use some more depth of gameplay, something along the lines of Katamari’s size rule, something to make it more of a game than “collect some things, avoid all others”. But the style of the game is great. Love the screen sloping, very weird feeling.

  21. Wow. I got featured at again the traffic almost killed the poor server in my closet. Now I’ve moved the files to my university account which should be alot faster and a bit more reliable (no songs stopping in the middle of levels and such).

  22. Using the arrow keys and the space bar makes the web page jump around when you try to play it. Get rid of these stupid comments.

  23. somehow i dropped more than i picked up by about 4x

  24. iscrizione sito odigo

  25. grazie

  26. pretty kool i am not very good but i like the game some people are harsh

  27. Problem: cannot start a level in flash player 9. freezes during camera wipe into level 🙁

  28. well – i like it 🙂
    but idea kinda reminds of locoroco?

  29. yes, it is very much like Katamari Damacy. Credit where credit is due?

  30. I can’t get to Highscores, because it sais: Failed to connect, or something

    Does anybody experience the same?

    How many objects is the top anyway?

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  32. kul spel, men vad ska man äta och undvika? en liten introduktion behövs.(LEOS MAMMMA)

  33. level 1 just wont finish

  34. Hey,
    I love what you’e doing!
    Don’t ever change and best of luck.

    Raymon W.

  35. Not too bad. Would be nice to allow space/etc for ‘continue’ and ‘start’ instead of needing to use mouse in otherwise keyboard-based game.

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  37. great =) wicked game dude hell yea !! hi from Turkey

    Mert Pysgnosis, July 21, 2007 at 14:54
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  41. I love the part where the ball like bounces to the rythm of the song, but don’t you think the you should have used the scrolling a bit more?

  42. It would be nicer if it wouldn’t trap you into being hit 5 times in a row w/o the option of jumping…

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