Monthly Archives: December 2006

Wii browser.

Today Nintendo released a demo of the Wii browser, and just as expected it supports flash. I just tried it and none of my games work in it, i suspect it only supports Flash 7, and my games are version … Continue reading

Eater of Worlds Released

It’s finally done. Play it here: .

The game has a name.

I decided on the name for my game today. Eater of worlds. The release is drawing near, though I don’t dare to set an actual date just yet. I have a presentation for it in 47 hours (omg!), but I … Continue reading

Wiimote for PC.

I read a while back that the wiimote was a regular bluetooth device, atleast regular in the sense that it appears as one when looking for devices to pair with. Now a crafty individual actually managed to get some data … Continue reading

One week call and a new look.

Hello all. After having a less than productive week last week I’ve got my act together and actually made some progress. I’ve got all the songs back from my friends by now and they’re most awesome all of them. It … Continue reading