Monthly Archives: August 2007

The games that didn't make it Part 1: Rain

When you make games the way I do, using quick prototypes to test out ideas, it a natural consequence that not all of them work out. Some turn out great (Hovercrafty, dingding and even isotope2) some do become games, original, … Continue reading

Finding the game.

The way I make games is that first I make a prototype (this is prototyprally after all). Using that I try to find an amusing mechanic, something that makes you smile when you play with it. Normally this isn’t actually … Continue reading

More balls.

I’ve been fiddling around with a new game in past few weeks. It’s built of that ball physics prototype I posted, but with tons of improvements. I’ve been making this game as a little AS3 playground, there’s been no real … Continue reading