Monthly Archives: February 2009

MGAS3FD 1: The Setup

Welcome to the first part of Making Games in ActionScript 3 using FlashDevelop (just rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it?) People keep asking me if I know any good tutorials for making games in Flash, and I keep answering that … Continue reading

new server, new domain

I had a bit of a falling out with my old hosting provider, they essentially asked me to leave. So I took the opportunity to make the move to a new domain at the same time. All old links should … Continue reading

4k – Tiny Keyboard Handler

I’ve been toying with an entry into the 4k game competition held at gamepoetry. The game I’m making uses the keyboard for controls which is a bit rare for me. AS2 had a very useful method called Key.isDown() whose functionality … Continue reading

in one piece, source code

As promised, here is the complete source code for in one piece. This is the code for the refactored version, not the actual code that was entered into the jam. The game itself is the same, the code is just … Continue reading

in one piece

I present to you, In one piece, winner of the Audience award of Nordic Game Jam 2009. Read more about the game below. As you’ve likely noticed I attended the Nordic Game Jam this past weekend. I ended up in … Continue reading

Nordic Game Jam in Pictures

This weekend I attended the Nordic Game Jam, the flagship event of the Global Game Jam. A whole load of games were made, I’m not sure how many since I’m still waiting for the NGJ-site to get updated with the … Continue reading