rymdkapsel, released

Today is a huge day for me, it marks the release of my first game ever to go up for sale directly to players. You can go to the rymdkapsel website and get the game, right now.

I started working on this just over a year ago, right after coming back from GDC. I was working on some other project at the time, but figured I’d take a week of to try and hash out this idea I had about a building a space station. The game quickly turned into something different than I had imagined, and I put another week into it to see where it would go. Those two weeks turned into three, and then into a month and then some.

I released a small teaser trailer in early july, and with that I somehow got in contact with Sony. I took a few weeks off for summer vacation and then got to work porting the game to C# and their platform. In the process I expanded and polished every little corner of the game quite a bit.

Then came the, Independent Games Festival which awarded me with an Honorable Mention in the design category. It’s still absolutely huge to me to get that kind of recognition from my peers.

Now, here we are, months of bug fixing and polishing later with a game that is out on its first platform of many to come. I’ve spent the past few days cleaning up the iOS and Android versions in preparation of testing, and those will be out in two months or so.

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  1. Very nice game! I think that you will find huge success if you expand to the Microsoft app store. Its download numbers are increasing with the release of the Surface Pro 3, and there is no doubt that rymdkapsel would be accepted and loved by many!

  2. Wow! What an awesome game really, it mixes genres in a perfect way that it makes total sense, the slow pace reminds me of 2001: a space odissey(which I love) with realtimestrategy great!, it’s exiting to try and break new ground… Or space really… There is no ground anywhere in this game, and I see you are always updating your masterpiece, and it would be really awesome if you could add a map randomizer or map creator to share with the community, but that doesn’t change the fact that I LOVE your game so much it’s the first game I have bought on my mobile, and probably will be the only one, and just felt the urge to write a comment on your game because I really want to see this grow:) keep your creativity up! Haha

  3. Great game, would love to know what it’s built with… I assume it’s not actionsript

  4. I’m down to 30 minutes and up to 52 waves. More please 🙂 My compliments on a game that I still cannot put down.

  5. Hi Martin, I just beat all 3 challenges in Rymdkapsel. Amazing game! Are you planning any new content for it? If so, are you thinking about adding an easy mode? A mode that would let players zone out for longer and build bigger cities without worrying too much about extreme alien onslaught until maybe even the 40th or 50th wave? 🙂 Thanks for the amazing game.

humble bundle mojam 2 and tektonik

Per usual this blog is woefully underposted, most of the action is over on twitter. But, I do have something to treat you to. I spent the past weekend camped out in the Mojang offices up in Stockholm, making a game for charity in the form of Humble Bundle in three days.

The whole thing was livestreamed and I ran my own channel for the entire time I was coding. So, should you have a few days to kill, I’ve got you covered!

The game I ended up making is called TEKTONIK, a sort of quick action based tower defense crossed with digging and platforming. It’s a bit crazy really.

There’s still time to get in on the action too, the bundle is pay what you want and open for donations for a few more days. 

tektonik-screenshot-00 tektonik-screenshot-02 tektonik-screenshot-01

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  1. hey Martin, thanks for Tektonik! i really enjoyed watching you build it from scratch. would you consider releasing the source code of the project? it would be a very educational for me and I guess for a lot of people. cheers

crime city arcade

Me and my friend Niklas (who also happens to be making the music for rymdkapsel) have built the thing pictured above. It’s a four player arcade machine, it’s been to a bunch of events so far, perhaps most notably at No More Sweden (the unpainted machine is on the stage that entire video).

Since people keep asking us where we got it and how we built it, we put up a big blog post about it, you can read more over on Niklas blog devsound.

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rymdkapsel for playstation mobile

It’s time for my quarterly blog post, this time I’ve got some neat news. rymdkapsel has found yet another platform, Playstation Mobile. This will be the platform the game premieres on once it’s ready for release, which I plan to be in early 2013.

If you’re not familiar with Playstation Mobile, or PSM for short, it’s basically the Sony equivalent to Apples App Store or Android Market Google Play.

This has been a bit of a secret for a while and it feels great to finally be able to talk about it freely. In other news I submitted the game to the Independent Games Festival, competition there is absolutely fierce so it remains to be seen how that goes!

If you want more info on me, rymdkapsel, or my other games, check out my presskit.

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rymdkapsel – teaser trailer

This is a game I’ve been working on for the past few months, it’s a game where you take command of a space station and its minions. You will have to plan your expansion and manage your resources to explore the galaxy.

It will launch on iOS, Android and Flash “soon”.

I am currently seeking a sponsorship for the Flash version, contact me for further information.

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juice it or loose it.

You can try the game here: http://grapefrukt.com/f/games/juicy-breakout/
Or look at the source code on github: https://github.com/grapefrukt/juicy-breakout

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prototype tour: timewarp

I’m trying out a new thing for posting prototypes, a quick video instead of a long talky blog post. Let’s see how that feels. You can try the game below while watching the video.

This is where the game would be had your browser supported Flash!

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  1. Interesting. Lowest I could get w/ 4 towers was 8. Don’t think 3 is possible.

  2. What a cool game! It turns tower defense into an optimization problem, almost like math. The intuitively best setups don’t necessarily work well. I like not having to wait.

  3. That’s interesting! The towers are set to “stick” with their current target as long as it’s in range. One interesting thing that happens when you’re trying to optimize your placements is that since all shooting is resolved simultaneously, you will “loose” shots if you place two towers so that they’re firing in sync at the same enemy. The first tower will shoot and kill the enemy so the second tower will be firing at an enemy that is already dead. There are so many tiny little choices like this, it wouldn’t be a huge deal to “fix” but I kind of like that there are little micro optimizations like that to make.

  4. Timing and “tower AI” must be very important for success. As an illustration, I can get the escapee UP by placing a third tower. That doesn’t make much sense until you start looking at which creeper the tower decides to shoot at. A smart tower would probably always go for the kill. ..Or.. not go for the kill and always strive to “use” its entire firepower. Then you add another tower type and my eyes will go cross.

hats in videogames.

This is a talk I did at No More Sweden, it’s kind of silly but I think it touches on some important issues.

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  1. There is one very interesting game, that confirms your theory 🙂 Physical puzzle “Pursuit of Hat”, where the hat becomes almost the main actor of the game. Hats should come back, at least in games 🙂

!Muchacho! !Muchacho! !Muchacho!

Play the game: http://grapefrukt.com/f/games/muchacho/

A little while ago I attended (and co-arranged) the “most swedish” game jam called No More Sweden. I was sick during the entire previous game jam I attended and spent most of my time asleep, so I really felt like getting my revenge and making a proper game this time around.

I also managed to convince my friends Jonas and Per to attend. Jonas and I went to the Nordic Game Jam way back when and we’ve worked on a bunch of games together before. This was however, Per’s first game jam.

Just a few days before I had seen this amazing video of a mariachi-band serenading a beluga whale and was determined to make a game featuring one of these bands. Somehow I managed to convince my team mates that this would be a good idea and we decided on an idea after something like half an hour of discussion. Coming to a decision that fast is a first for me.

The division of work ended up in the most predictable way. I did code, Jonas did graphics and Per did the rest. We scrambled to get atleast a playable mockup and some concepts done before going home to sleep and Per scrounged the web for inspiration, reference materials and other useful things.

We also hijacked Mattias and forced him to compose some silly music for us.

Once we got the basic gameplay up and running we were confident that this would turn out nice. Then we went home and slept.

We got back around noon on Saturday and kept working well into Sunday. At 6 in the morning we decided that we were pretty much done, either way, as tired as we were no more work was going to be done. Sadly this meant that the time it would take us to go home and then back again would mean almost no sleep before the presentations, so we decided to just stay the night.

Skip ahead to 46 minutes in to see our presentation.

Play the game: http://grapefrukt.com/f/games/muchacho/

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platformer physics – it’s complicated

Petri and I were invited to do a talk at the Nordic Indie Game Night in Malmö this past week, we were supposed to talk about the super sexy Cobalt. Instead we went kind of overboard on an analysis of the physics in platformers. We got way more material than we could fit in the ten minutes (which we exceeded), so there may be another chance to catch an extended version of this talk at some point.

Update: Since I posted this in a bit of a hurry, I forgot to mention that the NGIN was conjured into existence by the fantastically wonderful Copenhagen Game Collective. Who, aside from making marvelous games are doing incredible things for the game making community in these parts of the world. They really are the best.

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