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The game has a name.

I decided on the name for my game today. Eater of worlds. The release is drawing near, though I don’t dare to set an actual date just yet. I have a presentation for it in 47 hours (omg!), but I … Continue reading

One week call and a new look.

Hello all. After having a less than productive week last week I’ve got my act together and actually made some progress. I’ve got all the songs back from my friends by now and they’re most awesome all of them. It … Continue reading

More work?

As I’m into the third week of coding the game is getting a bit big. When trying to find stuff in the almost 700 lines of code, almost all of it in one single frame, it gets a bit frustrating. … Continue reading

Flash. Slow as lightning?

Flash is a weird beast. Things you expect to be fast are slow and vice versa. With this project I’m really pushing the limits performance wise. And also, running the game in a browser gives a good 10-30% decrease in … Continue reading

Planning. It sucks and rocks. I will call it srucks.

I finally got round to planning my current project, while it’s not in any way amusing it’s necessary. It’s easy to forget that coming from prototyping, there you get to make stuff for three days (or whatever timeframe you choose) … Continue reading

The new Project

First of all, I’ve had a real storm of visitors here the last day, 3500 happy players yesterday and I expect about as many today. Super awesome. I’ve spent the last few days thinking about my new project. After much … Continue reading

Game 6, Oh happy night.

Okay. My game just collapsed on itself, det “buggar som en dansskola” as you would say in swedish. It’s now 2:13am. That is a bad thing. These are the times when you curse the fact that ActionScript doesn’t have a … Continue reading

Game 6, What is the capital of Assyria?

It’s another one of those games that just won’t get done again, but this has alot more potential than Popeatron so I’m not that bummed out this time around. Most of the elements are complete, it does lack gameplay and … Continue reading

Game 6, European or African?

The words for this game are bird and pendulum. I spent most part of the day working on a first version, it collapsed on itself somehow and I just couldn’t find what was wrong with the IK-stuff, so I had … Continue reading

Game 4, get on with it!

Man. I just keep working and working on this game and it never gets done, it’s more than twice the amount of code compared to my last game (this has 300+ lines of code). I’m gonna go get something to … Continue reading