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rymdkapsel, released

Today is a huge day for me, it marks the release of my first game ever to go up for sale directly to players. You can go to the rymdkapsel website and get the game, right now. I started working … Continue reading

humble bundle mojam 2 and tektonik

Per usual this blog is woefully underposted, most of the action is over on twitter. But, I do have something to treat you to. I spent the past weekend camped out in the Mojang offices up in Stockholm, making a game … Continue reading

crime city arcade

Me and my friend Niklas (who also happens to be making the music for rymdkapsel) have built the thing pictured above. It’s a four player arcade machine, it’s been to a bunch of events so far, perhaps most notably at … Continue reading

rymdkapsel for playstation mobile

It’s time for my quarterly blog post, this time I’ve got some neat news. rymdkapsel has found yet another platform, Playstation Mobile. This will be the platform the game premieres on once it’s ready for release, which I plan to … Continue reading

rymdkapsel – teaser trailer

This is a game I’ve been working on for the past few months, it’s a game where you take command of a space station and its minions. You will have to plan your expansion and manage your resources to explore the … Continue reading

juice it or loose it.

You can try the game here: Or look at the source code on github:

prototype tour: timewarp

I’m trying out a new thing for posting prototypes, a quick video instead of a long talky blog post. Let’s see how that feels. You can try the game below while watching the video.

hats in videogames.

This is a talk I did at No More Sweden, it’s kind of silly but I think it touches on some important issues.

!Muchacho! !Muchacho! !Muchacho!

Play the game: A little while ago I attended (and co-arranged) the “most swedish” game jam called No More Sweden. I was sick during the entire previous game jam I attended and spent most of my time asleep, so … Continue reading

platformer physics – it’s complicated

Petri and I were invited to do a talk at the Nordic Indie Game Night in Malmö this past week, we were supposed to talk about the super sexy Cobalt. Instead we went kind of overboard on an analysis of … Continue reading