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Game 4, better framerates for the people

I managed to get a slight framerate boost from the game, mostly by disabling the calculation of rules when they’re not needed. The game is coming along nicely, as usual it won’t really be the game I invisioned at first, … Continue reading

Game 4

A new week and a new game. The start of game 4 wich should’ve been last friday was a bit delayed for personal reasons, but after working a few hours this weekend i’m back on track. The new words are … Continue reading

Game 3, a slight delay

Whew. It’s late and i’ve spent way too long fiddling with this game. The words I chose this time were radiation therapy and trespass. A bit of a wierd combination, and I had some trouble coming up with a good … Continue reading

Game 2

A new day and a new game. Yesterday I started working on a new game, the words I chose this time around were swamp and secret. The idea I had from that was to drive one of those swamp boats … Continue reading

Game 1, continued

The first game is coming along nicely, though I had to take most of the day off for a pleasant visit to the dentists, I feel I’ve made up for lost time (it’s 2am now) by now. I changed the … Continue reading

Game 1

Today I started working on my first proper game, the last one was more of a practice run. The keywords I’ve chosen are forest and moonlanding I’ve spent the morning looking into some inverse kinematic demos, and pretty much decided … Continue reading