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The post of shame.

More than three months the last post. That’s just plain embarrassing. My excuse is that I both got a job and moved in with my girlfriend. I could never have expected how little time I have to spend on making … Continue reading

Finding the game.

The way I make games is that first I make a prototype (this is prototyprally after all). Using that I try to find an amusing mechanic, something that makes you smile when you play with it. Normally this isn’t actually … Continue reading

Time flies. Fast.

Wow. I’ve been fiddling about with my latest game for what i thought was about a week, turns out it’s been more than a month since my last post. Oops. Well, the time in between hasn’t been entirely uneventful. The … Continue reading

The game has a name.

I decided on the name for my game today. Eater of worlds. The release is drawing near, though I don’t dare to set an actual date just yet. I have a presentation for it in 47 hours (omg!), but I … Continue reading

More work?

As I’m into the third week of coding the game is getting a bit big. When trying to find stuff in the almost 700 lines of code, almost all of it in one single frame, it gets a bit frustrating. … Continue reading

Flash. Slow as lightning?

Flash is a weird beast. Things you expect to be fast are slow and vice versa. With this project I’m really pushing the limits performance wise. And also, running the game in a browser gives a good 10-30% decrease in … Continue reading

Back in black.

Wow. It’s been almost a month since my last post, my internship took up most of my time for the last four weeks. But now I’m back home and hungry for making some games. I decided to scrap the multiplayer … Continue reading

Game 6, Oh happy night.

Okay. My game just collapsed on itself, det “buggar som en dansskola” as you would say in swedish. It’s now 2:13am. That is a bad thing. These are the times when you curse the fact that ActionScript doesn’t have a … Continue reading

Game 4, get on with it!

Man. I just keep working and working on this game and it never gets done, it’s more than twice the amount of code compared to my last game (this has 300+ lines of code). I’m gonna go get something to … Continue reading

Game 4

A new week and a new game. The start of game 4 wich should’ve been last friday was a bit delayed for personal reasons, but after working a few hours this weekend i’m back on track. The new words are … Continue reading