Swallows postmortem

swallowsWords: Bird, Pendulum.

Description: When I was looking around for words for this game I instantly knew what to do. Swallows carrying coconuts. I got started on a first prototype, but about midday on the second day it sort of collapsed on itself. There was some sort of bug in the physics that made it behave very weird. I couldn’t sort it out and had to redo the whole thing from the beginning. Which was just as well, the whole thing was a lot better the second time around.

What went right: I really like the theme of the game. The swallows behave nicely and it looks very springy and nice.

What went wrong: Once again I wasn’t entirely sure what the actual gameplay mechanic would be when i started, I think this shows in the final product. As it is now I think the game is too hard, it just gets a bit frustrating not being able to affect the birds directly. I tried allowing the player to attach multiple ropes to one swallow, but then it became too easy instead. The game might benefit from fewer swallows but more control, and then making the levels a bit more like labyrinths.

Conclusion: This game could really have been a second Popeatron, I didn’t really know where I was going with the gameplay until a bit too late. It did however turn out as a pretty neat game in the end.

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