Another forty bytes the dust.

I really should let this whole 4k game thing go. But as I was sitting on the train today, idly hacking away at a completely different game I remembered a curious thing that I didn’t have time to investigate then. The mysterious bytes.

The compiled size of the same actionscript file will vary with up 4 bytes between compiles. You can really just bring up the command line and recompile the same file a couple of times and it will be 4098 bytes the first time and 4094 the next. Very strange. I tweeted about this suspecting some kind of metadata was stored inside the file, someone told me this shouldn’t be the case so I let it go. Turns out metadata is stored, and more than you’d think. A standard swf compiled with mxmlc can have these values:

  • contributor
  • creator
  • date
  • description
  • language
  • localized-description
  • localized-title
  • publisher
  • title

The mysterious bytes come from the fact that there is a timestamp embedded, this will affect the compression of the swf making it compress a few bytes smaller if you’re lucky and a bit bigger on other occasions. These have default values, and these may be useful to keep track of stuff, they’re just a bunch of bloat to a 4k game. Luckily they’re a piece of cake to get rid off. Add these options to the compiler to set them all to be empty:


(In FlashDevelop you set these options in Project Properties -> Compiler Options -> Additional Compiler Options) However, the swf will still be up to three bytes bigger on occasion, I think the time still gets in there somehow. Nevertheless, this shaves of a whopping 40 bytes on my current version of asteroids4k!

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  1. that’s… GREAT

  2. Middlingly interesting information 🙂

  3. That’s hardcore 😀 Good to know!

  4. That’s awesome. Good sleuthing!

  5. Wow that’s pretty interesting actually! Good find and good explanation!

    Johnthegaylizard, January 5, 2010 at 22:28

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