popeatronWow. I spent the whole day, 12 hours or so working on this. It just never got done. Can’t polish a turd I guess. The game has some type of gameplay, but lacks both winning and loosing conditions.

You can however toy around with the parameters for the flocking. The pope and the cardinals can be moved around with your mouse.

Now I’m gonna go lie down or possibly play some Ico. Maybe both.


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  2. strange game… it seems halos dont always mean good souls though

    got 1000good vs 974bad souls

  3. Hey… I like the concept… great for passing mindless time. (I really appreciate that sort of thing, especially when I’m procrastinating or just don’t want to think too hard… )

    However, what is the point of the game… Did you ever come up one?



  4. i have a use for that game-thingy email me if you are interested…

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