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rymdkapsel, released

Today is a huge day for me, it marks the release of my first game ever to go up for sale directly to players. You can go to the rymdkapsel website and get the game, right now. I started working … Continue reading

humble bundle mojam 2 and tektonik

Per usual this blog is woefully underposted, most of the action is over on twitter. But, I do have something to treat you to. I spent the past weekend camped out in the Mojang offices up in Stockholm, making a game … Continue reading

prototype tour: timewarp

I’m trying out a new thing for posting prototypes, a quick video instead of a long talky blog post. Let’s see how that feels. You can try the game below while watching the video.

!Muchacho! !Muchacho! !Muchacho!

Play the game: A little while ago I attended (and co-arranged) the “most swedish” game jam called No More Sweden. I was sick during the entire previous game jam I attended and spent most of my time asleep, so … Continue reading

glorg is out

We’ve come a long way together. As of last night glorg is up for all to play on Armor Games. There’s also a review to read by the nice people over at Jay is games. As I keep mentioning every … Continue reading

leaf – a game about life

I made a game for the experimental gameplay project, it’s called leaf. This is one of those games I got started on a while back, and figured I’d finish quickly but never really got around to it after the first … Continue reading


So, here it is, the full 4089 bytes of it, a-steroids4k for the gamepoetry 4k flash game compo. I’ve been wanting to remake an old retro game with new mechanics for some time now but I’ve never had an idea … Continue reading

in one piece

I present to you, In one piece, winner of the Audience award of Nordic Game Jam 2009. Read more about the game below. As you’ve likely noticed I attended the Nordic Game Jam this past weekend. I ended up in … Continue reading


This is yet another entry in line with my recent non-game posts. I’ve always been a reasonably fast reader, both in English and my native language Swedish. However, it’s always nice to have some numbers to back up that general … Continue reading

It moves!

This is more of a tech demo than anything else. It’s something that’s in damn near every game they make nowadays, but i still haven’t seen in a 2D game, maybe because nearly no one makes those anymore. I’ve made … Continue reading