The game has a name.

I decided on the name for my game today. Eater of worlds.
The release is drawing near, though I don’t dare to set an actual date just yet. I have a presentation for it in 47 hours (omg!), but I doubt it’ll hit the internets before that.
I have finished the first level, and only some level design is missing from the second one. The third level is still MIA.
I’d absolutely love to make a level editor for this game and let everyone add their own stuff to their own music. That would be awesome, but that’s another two weeks of development, at least. So no go for that.

Eater of Worlds logo

In other news:
This whole Web 2.0 (and/or mod community) thing with user generated content is so exciting, I think my next project will be something that involves the players a bit more. I mean, procedural content is cool and all, but if you get actual people doing content that has to be better.
Lost garden has an article on this.

The wiimote for PC is making real progress, read more on Wii Hacks, watch the cool video on YouTube and wait for WiiLi to get back up.

And also, the wii-browser will support Flash. YES! I read it on a feed from somewhere, but I can’t find it right now.
Let’s just hope it’s proper flash and not Flash 5 or something.

And while I’m at it, Kloonigames has a new game up. Go check it out.

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4 Responses to The game has a name.

  1. It’s already several hours past the your presentation. Where’s the game!?

    Seriously I really like the name and the logo (it reminds of 50’s scifi movie, one of my favorite movie genres). I hope you release the game soon, because it seems mighty interesting.

    Oh and thanks for mentioning my game on the blog post.

  2. “Eater of Words”? Although I’m not a native English speaker, I’m pretty sure that “Word Eater” is the right way to say this. 🙂

  3. Pieter, there’s an L in there too. Worlds.
    I’ve spent the whole day fiddling with the highscores and the game is now in “closed beta”, if I can get the last level done tomorrow the release won’t be far off.

  4. Hello! You don’t know me. I found you randomly from the Experimental Gameplay Project website.

    I was curious – what language(s) and development tool(s) do you use to make your games? Do you have an explanation or article on it anywhere?

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