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humble bundle mojam 2 and tektonik

Per usual this blog is woefully underposted, most of the action is over on twitter. But, I do have something to treat you to. I spent the past weekend camped out in the Mojang offices up in Stockholm, making a game … Continue reading

crime city arcade

Me and my friend Niklas (who also happens to be making the music for rymdkapsel) have built the thing pictured above. It’s a four player arcade machine, it’s been to a bunch of events so far, perhaps most notably at … Continue reading

introducing the grapefrukt asset exporter

I’m very excited to publish this, it’s a toolkit I’ve made under the last few months to be able to get graphics and animations made in flash exported to other formats so they can be used on other platforms. The … Continue reading

jesus vs. dinosaurs in the america

It’s with great pride that I can announce that we’ll be showing a special reworked edition of our global game jam game jesus versus dinosaurs at the killscreen vs. scandinavia party in San Francisco next week. sadly, if you don’t … Continue reading

jesus vs dinosaurs, presentation

Jesus vs. Dinosaurs, teaser video

blog updates

Today I discovered that my blog had been infected with some spammy-type junk, so things will be a bit dodgy as I move this over to my central wordpress installation. But, fret not, things will be back in order asap. … Continue reading

glorg tees

One might say that I like t-shirts. Quite a bit, even. So, in an effort to dress the entire planet in these best of garments I join the long line of people selling them on the internet. I put up … Continue reading

glorg is done

The first commit in my subversion repository for glorg was made the 19th of august last year. Back then it was little more than an experiment with random dungeon generation. In december when gamma announced it’s theme for this year … Continue reading

fast as a shark

So, I didn’t just talk at nomoresweden made a game too. A really bad one. It’s called fast as a shark, and you can play it below. The whole game, save for some code I had lying around since earlier … Continue reading