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Super Moustache Generator 500

I thought it would be easier to work all week and then be creative on nights/weekends, but as you’ve no doubt seen here it wasn’t all that easy. There’s a reason for “all” this posting all of a sudden, I … Continue reading


So, this is yet another of those few and far between posts around here these days. But this time I’ve got something to show you. I bring you, the updated, super pimped-out, isotope3: The game/app/toy itself is on another domain, … Continue reading

This will be the biggest post I’ve ever made here, atleast content wise. is my (and five other happy fellows) final project on our current education. Argblargs is hard to describe without getting too talkative, but this quote from … Continue reading

Eater of Worlds Released

It’s finally done. Play it here: .


I couldn’t help but feeling my last version of isotope was a bit crippled. So here’s isotope2 for your fiddling pleasure. It’s backwards compatible with old patterns, features zoom, better loop detection, infinite play (shift click the play button) and … Continue reading


My brain hurts. There are instructions for how to play in the game. I sure hope it works. Goodnight ladies and gentlebeings. The words for this game are by the way birds and pendulum. Vote for this game on Experimental … Continue reading


This is my fifth and second last game. This time around the words were mushrooms and power. Grow as big and many fungi as you can in two minutes, anything above 1500 is a good score. The rules are in the game. Have a nice play. Continue reading


Wow. I spent the whole day, 12 hours or so working on this. It just never got done. Can’t polish a turd I guess. The game has some type of gameplay, but lacks both winning and loosing conditions. You can … Continue reading


All done. A few hours late, but I really think it was worth it. This let’s you generate “radiation patterns” by changing the speed of rotation and lenght of the segments, click the question mark in the lower left corner … Continue reading


Here we go. This is my second game, I named it hovercrafty. The story goes like this: You were out picking up pills in the nearby swamp, as usual. Then suddenly the steering on you hovercraft breaks, you’re forced to … Continue reading