fungusThis is my fifth and second last game. This time around the words were mushrooms and power. Grow as big and many fungi as you can in two minutes, anything above 1500 is a good score. The rules are in the game. Have a nice play.
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  1. Woo, 1490 on my second try (1200 on first, after reading the instructions).

  2. not very fun

  3. 1350 first try

  4. Whoots. 1590

  5. Not bad – a little too complicated. 1180 peak mass, 1170 at end.

  6. 1510 points…

  7. hmmm… the mass depends not on the size… had 5 bubbles about 4 cm diameter –> only 690 mass high

  8. Would love an infinite play mode, unscored

  9. Great. Simple and fun.

  10. i got 1300 peak and ended at 1150

  11. Could someone explain to me how the fungus grows? Cos if there is a strategy to it, I’d like to attempt to grow more.

  12. it’s all in the instructions.
    one or fewer neighbours, the fungus dies of loneliness
    two or three neighbours, it stays alive
    four neighbours, the optimal value, the fungus both grows and spawns new fungi
    five or more neighbours, it dies of overcrowding.

  13. 1660/1660 Score.

    The lines signify neighbors so try to get the optimum 4 and then make new fungus colonies when new fungi spawns.

  14. 1700 i am the man

  15. Brilliant game 🙂

  16. Very nice game,

    looks like there are just a few rule’s behind it but it does is a nice model of growth. When playing i found it easyier to make a colony once it stabelised a bit, it (almost) grew itself at a constant rate from then. I wonder is this growth continues to infinity or it comes to a halt and maby even exstincts (or almost exstincts) after a while. In that case you would have a something called a bifurcation. (a sudden cange in a patren buildup by simple rules). I have not found the time ti program such a thing my self so it’s very nice to see there’s this rather playful version of it online.


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  18. cool game, it would be better if there was no time limit tho

  19. haha. amateurs! 6350 of fuckin funghi on first try. beat that! if you suevived casa beatrice, this is a piece of cake…

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  21. 2770 Score!!!

  22. Funny, you’d think I’d be better at this game considering the amount of fungus that I’m able to grow without such an effort in my own fridge!
    This game is great, though I’m still getting a sucky score-1300 or so at best so far but I’ll get there…I’m determined!! It’s so mindlessly addictive! I have to agree with the others, the time limit is a bit of a nuisance but other than that, I love it!! Perhaps an updated version will be made where the time limit is set to at least 5 minutes…even 10?
    Also, is there anyway to post this game in a myspace page- profile and/or in a comment box? It would make for some great free promoting! I’d love that…
    God Speedy!

  23. I got 1550\1290 score!

  24. I got 1550\1290 score!

  25. awesome game, good work :]

  26. 楽しくない

    sだfg, November 16, 2006 at 11:29
  27. 1760

    日本人, November 17, 2006 at 05:17
  28. 1790/1790

    日本人 JP, November 17, 2006 at 05:32
  29. 2250/2250 It is glad.

    日本人 JP, November 17, 2006 at 08:25
  30. hah! 1610/1610

  31. I love this game!

  32. Any credit to the game of “Life,” where the rules are derived from? Really awesome implementation.

  33. i love it

  34. Sorry pleaes :
    Wronhg categroy…

    will be careful

  35. I haven’t got a clue

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  37. Good site – xamasapa

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  39. I got a peak 630 biomass and a final 610=]

  40. Hi!,

  41. peak 1100
    final 1090
    i got.

  42. A turn-based game using the same mechanic might be interesting as well.

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  44. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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  46. I hated this game. It makes no sense and is no fun. Even my teacher disliked it.

  47. Loving this game and it definitely shows the influence of cellular automata!

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