circular game of life

It's time for more silly toys! I recreated this from memory of a thing I saw someone demo a at some conference I watched a live stream of. Right now both the author and conference escape me, but if I recall correctly, he i his turn based this of some research thing at IBM or something. That's really not important. What is important is that this is cool.

In a way it's like my personal favorite Conway's Game of Life. But instead of a two dimensional grid, it's (almost) one dimensional and directional.

Click any node in the circle to make it go. Use the spacebar to pause, the arrow keys to step backwards or forwards in time (some information is lost when going backwards) and Z to clear.

This past week the nordic game conference took place in Malmö, I've attended the past two years but decided to skip it this year. However, having a conference in town has benefits even if you're not attending. I got to meet Petri, the boys from Rocket Pack, most of the Copenhagen Game Collective, Nifflas, Cactus, Mårten from Pieces Interactive, Daniel and Joel from Ludosity. And all it cost me was a whole week's worth of productivity down the drain 😉

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  1. Mesmerizing!

  2. I’m liking the uniqueness 🙂

  3. Wow, I didn’t properly appreciate the elegance of this at first. Very cool!

  4. I think it was Jared Tarball’s session on “The Circle” at Flash on the Beach a few years back. I remember being mesmerised by it at the time 🙂

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