So, this is yet another of those few and far between posts around here these days. But this time I’ve got something to show you. I bring you, the updated, super pimped-out, isotope3:


The game/app/toy itself is on another domain, mostly to keep the url’s shorter for sending them to friends. I put this up last night and fed it to the stumbleupon-tubes and figured i’d write about it here today. Somehow I’ve managed to get 17k visitors on it already. Cool stuff.

Improvements over the old version include:

  • Massive epic speed improvement, more than 1000x faster
  • Customizable colors, both for isotope and background
  • Better, live pattern recognition (updates as you type)
  • You can now export settings, not just the pattern
  • And, as always, heated seats and cupholders

If you want to put this little thingie on your own little part of the interblags, here’s what you’ll need:

no flash

And oh, if you’ve missed it somehow, play with it here: isotope3

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6 Responses to isotope3

  1. Awesomeness! blurryblurry with fadyfady i likyliky. goodyjobby

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  3. Very nice and blindingly fast. AS3 I take it?

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  6. Lovely work. I love the bitmap filter effects. I have to admit I like Isotope2 a bit more, though.

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