fighting a short attention span

I’m easily distracted, or if I can elaborate, I’d rather say that I can get bored of stuff pretty quickly. This isn’t the best personality trait to have when you’re sitting in your office all by your lonesome with yourself as your boss.

So I decided to try and keep track of what I spend my time on, because I do have a conscience and I will undoubtedly feel bad about wasting my own time.

Keeping a time sheet quite possibly the most boring thing you can do, but fear not, there’s a program called Procrastitracker that does this exact thing for you (PC only). I first got to know about this sweet little app through hello games talk at the gdc.

It’s really simple and there’s virtually no setup, just keep it running in your taskbar and it’ll spy away on you.

This is my last five and a half days of work, yellow is surfing, blue is communication (im/email) and green is work. I’d say I spend roughly half my day surfing, and about a quarter of that is spent in small five minute increments on facebook. Embarrasing to say the least.


Hopefully this can shame me into hanging around facebook less and doing more actual work.

In other news, glorg is coming along nicely, albeit a bit slower than I’d hoped. I’ve been expanding the way of handling states I started with my last post and hooking that up to an animation system to visualize the states, now I can map animations to different states and do transitions and all kinds of sweet stuff.

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  1. Always an interesting subject… An alternative to Procrastitracker is the tracker application that is part of Wakoopa – I think they have trackers for both Windoze, Mac and Linux. They made a community-thingie around it.

    Of course, the dilemma is that one probably will spend time on Wakoopa then too, and the initial problem was concentrating on the work 😛

  2. Yeah, it’s a bit weird when the thing supposed to keep you from distractions becomes one itself. As a sidenote, I’ve tried for a while, but that had way too many graphs and things to configure (and it’s not free).

  3. Cool app. Will try using it at work 🙂 It is always good how much time you spend on what.

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