glorg is done

The first commit in my subversion repository for glorg was made the 19th of august last year. Back then it was little more than an experiment with random dungeon generation. In december when gamma announced it’s theme for this year I rejiggered the game to be played with one button. It’s come a long way since then, I’ve added more floors, more enemies and just made it plain better. All that stuff and still just one button.

Back when I was at GDC I met dannyB, he is the most amazing dude and as through some kind of spell he really liked the concept of the game. Deals were made, beers were consumed and thus glorg features four soothing melodies to bash enemies over the head to.

I also persuaded my good friend and partner in crime Jonas to do a cover for the game in the good old style of “cover unrelated to actual game”. I absolutely love this picture to bits.

Now begins the work of finding a sponsor, the game is up on Flash Game License or if  you so prefer, you can contact me directly by email.

Update Aug 27: It seems FGL’s approval queue is pretty backed up at the moment, this took me a bit by surprise,  sadly there’s not much more to do than wait. Sorry about that.

Update Aug 29: Added FGL link.

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11 Responses to glorg is done

  1. Looks amazingly polished and fun – good luck with the sponsorship.

  2. Congratz with being done! Can’t wait to try it out!

  3. Aweseome game! And it only took you a year! 😉

  4. Congratulations, I can’t wait to see it hit the wider internet. Love your innovative style and weird ideas.

  5. For the love of my productivity, please don’t release this game.

  6. This looks great. Can’t wait to play it !

  7. Danny B is totally awesome. His music is the best. Check out his website.

  8. Best news I’ve heard in a while!

  9. Well looks really great. But the cover doesnt really have anything in common with how the game really looks should be more alike.

  10. Can’t wait!!

  11. I love it!. The cover to gameplay disconnect is sooo retro. There was not a single Atari 2600 game that’s cover or advertising matched the game. Yes, I am old.

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