glorg is out

We’ve come a long way together. As of last night glorg is up for all to play on Armor Games. There’s also a review to read by the nice people over at Jay is games.

As I keep mentioning every time I talk about this game, it has music. This music is made by all round awesome dude dannyB. He’s put the soundtrack up on his bandcamp page, as a pay what you want download. Go get it!

As a bonus, this is a small screenshot of how the game looked back in September last year. A long way indeed.

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  1. It’s a lot of fun, especially the battles once you get the hang of them!
    The animations (particularly the bouncing of stat bars when they change) really help add to the atmosphere.
    Three tiny things I noticed:
    – it’d be good to be able to choose a button other than mouse click; I was playing it on my macbook and I had to go and dig up a real mouse in order to be able to play it properly (holding the mouse button down and releasing it with good timing, in particular, was annoying on the trackpad) (side note: I also tried to play it on my android phone, it loaded 100% but then didn’t do anything. It’d be a good game to be able to play on the go with my fancy newly-flash-enabled device)
    – the icon for “just press the button once” looked to me like “don’t touch the button at all” in comparison with the other icons, which had arrows to indicate what you are supposed to be pressing.
    – the tiny half-second or so you had to wait after letting go of the button for “walk” and hitting it again for “explore” got a little annoying. I always wanted to release the button and press it right back down again, but that didn’t work.

  2. The game is very funny considered that it’s a one-button game. And it shows that Martin put a lot of work in it.
    My biggest complaint: why the black outline on the weapons? 😀
    It’s nowhere, not even on the first weapon, and not on the weapons of enemies, just on the characters one from the second and on.

  3. I love the game! A very tongue in cheek … “rogue-like” I guess.

    I found a bug that prevents progress. Permanent dizzyiness / enemy freezes sometimes occurs. This is bad when you face the guy who chucks rocks, because there’s no way to progress any further. Occasionally both glorg and the enemy can attack at the same time, rather than one attack and one defend. When glorg’s attack dizzies, in that case, the enemy freezes — he stops doing anything (forever) and there is no dizzy animation.

    Anyways, I’m really enjoying the game. I like how the soundtrack seems to be for a game far more complicated than this one, one with you know, lots of menus and stuff.

  4. Love it! Even my 2-year-old enjoys playing it. Some comments:
    1: selling a weapon only collects about 200 coins, not 1000+ as shown on screen;
    2: healing may be unnecessary…
    3: B0 is too easy

  5. Really cool game!

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