leaf – a game about life

I made a game for the experimental gameplay project, it’s called leaf.

This is one of those games I got started on a while back, and figured I’d finish quickly but never really got around to it after the first day of hacking away at it. When I heard that the theme for december was going to be “art game” I knew this game would be a perfect fit.

The idea came to me when I was walking home with the game’s theme-to-be playing on my ipod, I saw leaves tumbling to the ground and uttered the words all game designers have come to hate “I should make a game about that”.

Once I got home I played the song and pitched the idea to my friend Jonas, mostly to get some feedback, but also to trick him into doing the graphics.

Things happened, pictures got drawn, days were spent on stupid, stupid scrolling bugs and this is what became of it.

Play it and tell me what you think!

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3 Responses to leaf – a game about life

  1. Art? Yes. Game? I’m not so sure: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game#Definitions

    Since the outcome is certain, it doesn’t seem to fit Roger Caillois’ definition. Chris Crawford would call it “art” since it is made “for its own beauty” or a “toy” since it has “no goals”. It doesn’t fit Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman’s definition since there is no conflict, Greg Costikyan’s definition since you don’t manage resources, Clark C. Abt’s definition since there is only one decision-maker, Elliot Avedon and Brian Sutton-Smith’s definition since there is no “opposition between forces”, or Kevin Maroney’s definition since there is no goal.

    Or maybe I just didn’t understand it. 🙂

  2. Hi!
    Currently, a link to game is broken. It’s just redirects me to this page.
    Can you please tell, where i can find this beautiful game? I tried to google it, but without any success.
    Or maybe you can fix the link?

  • Oops. I broke it when I moved the blog over to the new platform, it should be back up and running again now. Thanks for letting me know!

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