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There, all the christmas and New Year business sorted for this time around. The holidays have given me some time to toy around with the browser.
It’s not as awesome as it could be, but hey, people can easily play my games on their tv using a super neat pointing device, so I’m not complaining.
Since everybody loves lists I’ll do a pro/con list!

  • You can’t use the accelerometers (or hardly the buttons)
  • It’s slow (it even runs at a higher resolution than displayed, making performance even worse)
  • It’s Flash 7, not super awesome bitmap wielding Flash 8


  • It’s a browser with flash for the Wii
  • You use the wiimote for pointing
  • It’s Flash 7, not some gimped older version

Anyhow I’ve been fiddling around with porting my games back to Flash 7.
Swallows works nicely.
Hovercrafty needed alot of rewriting for better performance, it was somehow going slower and slower, it does this on PC’s aswell, but it’s not as notable there, so after a couple of hours of fiddling around I got it to move like it should.
Fungus has been ported but is too slow still, I doubt it’ll ever be possible to run because of all the calculations it needs (every fungus checks for neighbours, calculates distances and so on).
Isotope was a quick port, but I’d like to add some additional functionality to it aswell since the copy-paste won’t work on wii.
Eater of worlds can’t be ported because it relies too heavily on Flash 8.

I’ve also been mucking about with my wii-native game, and it too is nearing completion. All this will be on my very own little wii-portal, which also needs to be made.

A lot of work, but it’s a labor of love.

Since this has turned into a wii-centered blog recently, i might aswell link this movie. An amusing little look at the wii copy protection.

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