The games that didn't make it: Part 2 – "Flu Fighters"

flu fightersThis is the second part of my little series of the games that didn’t make it.
This time it’s a game I made for argblargs, this game, as many other started as a quick little hack over the weekend. The whole thing started as a test of an idea I had for a long time. Flash has this nifty little function called hitTest(), it’s pretty crap for testing object to object. But it can do per-pixel collision of points against abstract shapes. There’s a bunch of games out there that use this, it’s good because you can paint your levels using the regular brush in Flash. But as with all collision detection, it’s not really the detection that’s the hard part, it’s the resolving.
This tests points for collision against the level and then backs them up the way they came until they’re not colliding anymore.
This was all working reasonably well.
I showed it to the other guys and they quite liked it, so we decided to go ahead and make a full game out of it. I had been using my trademark ropes to try it so after some fiddling about it turned into a game inside the body, you’re this weird little creature with a long tongue that eats bacteria.

I tried something like a gazillion different ways to do the gameplay but I never really got it right, foolishly enough I put some more bells and whistles in there hoping that they might save it.
They didn’t. So after about a week’s work (spread out over two actual weeks) we decided that it wasn’t going to work. We had to cut it.

So here’s the game as far as it got done, in this iteration you’re supposed to defend the four organs that are spread out in the body by eating the bacteria attacking them. The bacteria stick to your tounge, and then you can eat them by moving the tounges tip to your mouth. If you get stuck inside a wall, just try to pull yourself further into the wall using your tounge, this should get you out.
It’s not very fun but atleast it looks pretty.

The game is after the break.

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