The games that didn't make it: Part 3 – "Sort"

This is the third, and for now final part of my series on games that didn’t make it. This game is also one I made while working on argblargs. This was abandoned more because of lack of time than anything else. I started work on this on the odd spare hours in the final stages of the project, but I ended up having to spend my time fixing bugs instead of finishing it.
This game is “pre-idea”, it’s more of a test of a vague inspiration than anything else. A real proper prototype. It uses the ball physics from flashbombs but is a bit more action oriented.
You can shoot the big balls, making them grow, if they grow big enough they’ll explode. The stars from the explosion will ignite other balls, making them too explode.
It suffers a bit from performance issues (especially running in a browser), but it’s like 60 particles with inter particle collisions in AS2, so don’t expect a thousand fps.

I think this could work as a game, add some sound and a sweet combo system and you’d be in business. But I doubt I’ll ever finish it, if I do I’ll probably do it in AS3 instead, that way I could make it a real particle extravaganza.

This will be the last game now for a while, but I still have a few potential failures in the pipeline (keeping a positive attitude is key in game development).
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The game is after the break.

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  2. hehe, i like it ;D

    U use extreme cool codes .

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