Tiny update.

portfolio thumbI’ve been taking a little break from argblargs the last few weeks. In this time I’ve done lot’s of stuff.

Most importantly I’ve been working on my portfolio, check it out!

I’ve also had time to play around a little bit with ActionScript 3, it really is a veritable speed fest compared to AS2.

I made a little physics test yesterday: It has with 151 balls, all colliding with eachother, that amounts to almost 12 000 collision calcs each frame. Uncapped it cranks out around 90fps on my three year old laptop. Amazing stuff. Doing this in AS2 would have exploded my computer, Flashbombs has a similar thing going, it can do 20 balls max.

Check the little test out after the break!

In other news I just stumbled upon Kyle Gabler (of experimentalgameplay.com) and Ron Carmel’s game development blog 2D Boy. Aparently they’re making Tower of Goo into a full game. I wish I could get to do the same thing with one of my game. Anyway, the last post features a crazy association game called Human Brain Cloud which is pretty neat. Go check it out!

(Note that this version is capped at 60fps)

Try this: Click the mouse, scroll the mousewheel, hold the left or right arrows on your keyboard.

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2 Responses to Tiny update.

  1. My gosh! the possibilities with AS3 is slowly getting to me

  2. Hi Martin!

    I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but we just announced our 4th Competition theme: Ball physics, and this looks like the beginnings of an ideal prototype for a game based on that theme.

    I was just stopping by to see if you had been working on anything else since Argblargs, and found this demo of yours.

    Please check out the competition details, and consider entering. Deadline isn’t until October, 1st…


    Keep up the good work! =)

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