rymdkapsel, released

Today is a huge day for me, it marks the release of my first game ever to go up for sale directly to players. You can go to the rymdkapsel website and get the game, right now.

I started working on this just over a year ago, right after coming back from GDC. I was working on some other project at the time, but figured I’d take a week of to try and hash out this idea I had about a building a space station. The game quickly turned into something different than I had imagined, and I put another week into it to see where it would go. Those two weeks turned into three, and then into a month and then some.

I released a small teaser trailer in early july, and with that I somehow got in contact with Sony. I took a few weeks off for summer vacation and then got to work porting the game to C# and their platform. In the process I expanded and polished every little corner of the game quite a bit.

Then came the, Independent Games Festival which awarded me with an Honorable Mention in the design category. It’s still absolutely huge to me to get that kind of recognition from my peers.

Now, here we are, months of bug fixing and polishing later with a game that is out on its first platform of many to come. I’ve spent the past few days cleaning up the iOS and Android versions in preparation of testing, and those will be out in two months or so.

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  1. It looks and sounds great. Can’t wait to play on my iPhone


  2. Looking forward to the iOS-release, that game looks to be made for the iPad. Go for it!

  3. I cannot tell you how hooked I am on this game. Every retry i’m learning another little strategy. SO simple but so complex. Bravo! Have been mining through your past flash games and cannot wait for your next!

  4. Hello Martin,

    Rymdkapsel is one of the greatest games EVER made. It is a timeless classic up there with the likes of Populous, Total Annihilation, Cytron Masters. It is a game where you make a morning cup of hot coffee, and before you take a drink you fire up Rymkapsel, then when you do get around to taking your first drink of your hot morning coffee it is already cold.

    There is only one thing I think could improve the game…. Sometimes I REALLY need to build a room and not a corridor so I tap on the room. But instead of dragging the room to the desired position, I instinctively go over to the left corner where he shapes of the next pieces are displayed and tap there and drag from there. This defaults to a corridor which I didn’t want. This happens often. So I think it’d be a vast improvement if the game would not let you lose your desired room selection if you accidentally tap on the upper right corner shapes. Maybe disable tap recognition there, or beep at you with some kind of warning…

    Anyway. This is the first game I’ve played for more than an hour in more than twenty years, Well done! You’ll go down in game development history!

  5. I should have added Tetris to that list of timeless classic games that Rymdkapsel is equal to.

  6. Wonderful game; thank you for releasoing an Android version! Short and sweet, and leaves me wanting more. With such a tasty starter, could we hope for a main meal in the same vein sometime in the future?

  7. Even though I finished researching all monolith’s less than 45 minutes game shows mission completed but Game Center wouldn’t. Maybe cause of I finished in unconnected to Internet. Could you do sync in every game start ?

  8. Hi Martin,

    I just beat all 3 challenges in Rymdkapsel. Amazing game!

    Are you planning any new content for it? If so, are you thinking about adding an easy mode? A mode that would let players zone out for longer and build bigger cities without worrying too much about extreme alien onslaught until maybe even the 40th or 50th wave? 🙂

    Thanks for the amazing game.

  9. I’m down to 30 minutes and up to 52 waves. More please 🙂

    My compliments on a game that I still cannot put down.

  10. Great game, would love to know what it’s built with… I assume it’s not actionsript

  11. Wow! What an awesome game really, it mixes genres in a perfect way that it makes total sense, the slow pace reminds me of 2001: a space odissey(which I love) with realtimestrategy great!, it’s exiting to try and break new ground… Or space really… There is no ground anywhere in this game, and I see you are always updating your masterpiece, and it would be really awesome if you could add a map randomizer or map creator to share with the community, but that doesn’t change the fact that I LOVE your game so much it’s the first game I have bought on my mobile, and probably will be the only one, and just felt the urge to write a comment on your game because I really want to see this grow:) keep your creativity up! Haha

  12. Very nice game! I think that you will find huge success if you expand to the Microsoft app store. Its download numbers are increasing with the release of the Surface Pro 3, and there is no doubt that rymdkapsel would be accepted and loved by many!

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