humble bundle mojam 2 and tektonik

Per usual this blog is woefully underposted, most of the action is over on twitter. But, I do have something to treat you to. I spent the past weekend camped out in the Mojang offices up in Stockholm, making a game for charity in the form of Humble Bundle in three days.

The whole thing was livestreamed and I ran my own channel for the entire time I was coding. So, should you have a few days to kill, I’ve got you covered!

The game I ended up making is called TEKTONIK, a sort of quick action based tower defense crossed with digging and platforming. It’s a bit crazy really.

There’s still time to get in on the action too, the bundle is pay what you want and open for donations for a few more days. 

tektonik-screenshot-00 tektonik-screenshot-02 tektonik-screenshot-01

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  1. hey Martin,

    thanks for Tektonik! i really enjoyed watching you build it from scratch. would you consider releasing the source code of the project? it would be a very educational for me and I guess for a lot of people.


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