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i don’t care about your input

A couple of weeks ago I went to the excellent indie gathering no more sweden. This year we didn’t only make games, we had talks too, so I figured I’d try and do one. It’s about 15 minutes long and … Continue reading

making enemies

glorg is still progressing nicely, this is a quick little timelapse i did this morning of me making an enemy.

circular game of life

It’s time for more silly toys! I recreated this from memory of a thing I saw someone demo a at some conference I watched a live stream of. Right now both the author and conference escape me, but if I … Continue reading


Last week I tried to make a game for the 10-second theme on This is what became of it. The first few lines of code on this were written during my short stint at the indie art jam during … Continue reading

fighting a short attention span

I’m easily distracted, or if I can elaborate, I’d rather say that I can get bored of stuff pretty quickly. This isn’t the best personality trait to have when you’re sitting in your office all by your lonesome with yourself … Continue reading

battling the system

I’ve spent the day toying with a new way to do the battles in glorg. I wasn’t really happy with the way they worked in the version I submitted to gamma, but nor could I figure out a good way … Continue reading


The GDC is over and I’m taking a new step in life. I am taking a year of from work to do my own thing, and today is the first day. This feels both fantastic and terrifying all at once. … Continue reading

the geedeecee

I’m writing this as I sit on a far too long flight to San Francisco. I’m going there to attend the yearly Game Developers Conference, especially the indie summit. I’m making this trip for several reasons. Firstly, I learned so … Continue reading


This past sunday, or early monday for me I submitted my game for gamma iv. The theme for gamma this time was one button game. That means one button, no joysticks, no mice no nothing. Just on and off. Very interesting. … Continue reading

Moonbow teaser

(Quick link to the game on FGL) This is moonbow. A game I started working on on the flight to GDC this year. True to form I had no idea where I was going with it then and it has … Continue reading