introducing the grapefrukt asset exporter

I’m very excited to publish this, it’s a toolkit I’ve made under the last few months to be able to get graphics and animations made in flash exported to other formats so they can be used on other platforms. The code is pure AS3 so you can run it using either Flash authoring, Flash Builder or Flash Develop. However, it exports Flash assets, so it won’t do you much good without flash authoring.

It’s not perfect yet by any stretch, but I hope it’s useful enough for people to pick up and use. The code is licensed under a simplified BSD license, so you can pretty much do whatever you please with it, if you end up using it I value any and all feedback, send me an email and tell me what you think!

The project is at

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  1. i couldn’t use it , after adding var export:SimpleExport = new SimpleExport(this); it gives me an error ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable leeksheet is not defined. ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable MainTimeline is not defined. flash cs4

  2. It has rudimentary support for masks, any instance with named with “mask” in the beginning of its name will be flagged as one. That means it will be flagged as such in the exported XML, the actual masking however is up to your engine to deal with. “Static” masks, ie. within objects exported as textures, are fully supported.

  3. Hey i wanted to know how does this tool handles masks? does the mask needs to be a movie clip names mask too?

  4. Wow thanks so much for sharing, its saved so much time! would it be possible to ask for an example that has the commands to export the text? I apologise, ive tried looking through the documentation and have been looking on all forums for any kind of hint (apparently im the only person that would love to get this to work. but then there are so many other cool features that they probably havent had time to play with the text ! (its possible i’m doing things incorrectly and looking in the wrong places too – since im pretty new to flash/programming) sorry !! i couldn’t understand how to do it , the rest works so well, fantastic job! my next challenge it to integrate with cocos2d any hints regarding how to link animations to coordinates would be very appreciated also this helped me get it up and running, maybe it will help another newbie too 🙂 Reply #48 once again many thanks! N

  5. Hi, thanks for this great tool ! We are trying to use it for game with lots of animations. And we miss some things. Grapefrukt does not recognize Skew transformation, and when symbol Flip horizontal/vertical. is it possible to add this to the grapefrukt? Could you help me with that?

jesus vs. dinosaurs in the america

It’s with great pride that I can announce that we’ll be showing a special reworked edition of our global game jam game jesus versus dinosaurs at the killscreen vs. scandinavia party in San Francisco next week. sadly, if you don’t have a ticket it’s already too late, but fret not, the game will see a release soon.

This also means I’m in San Francisco for the GDC, I will also be attending the Flash Games Summit. If you’re around and want to meet up, drop me an email!

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jesus vs dinosaurs, presentation

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  1. Haha. That looked like a fun game. Reminded me about Ramparts, the old castle defende/build game.

Jesus vs. Dinosaurs, teaser video

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glorg is out

We’ve come a long way together. As of last night glorg is up for all to play on Armor Games. There’s also a review to read by the nice people over at Jay is games.

As I keep mentioning every time I talk about this game, it has music. This music is made by all round awesome dude dannyB. He’s put the soundtrack up on his bandcamp page, as a pay what you want download. Go get it!

As a bonus, this is a small screenshot of how the game looked back in September last year. A long way indeed.

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  1. Really cool game!

  2. Love it! Even my 2-year-old enjoys playing it. Some comments: 1: selling a weapon only collects about 200 coins, not 1000+ as shown on screen; 2: healing may be unnecessary… 3: B0 is too easy

  3. I love the game! A very tongue in cheek … “rogue-like” I guess. I found a bug that prevents progress. Permanent dizzyiness / enemy freezes sometimes occurs. This is bad when you face the guy who chucks rocks, because there’s no way to progress any further. Occasionally both glorg and the enemy can attack at the same time, rather than one attack and one defend. When glorg’s attack dizzies, in that case, the enemy freezes — he stops doing anything (forever) and there is no dizzy animation. Anyways, I’m really enjoying the game. I like how the soundtrack seems to be for a game far more complicated than this one, one with you know, lots of menus and stuff.

  4. The game is very funny considered that it’s a one-button game. And it shows that Martin put a lot of work in it. My biggest complaint: why the black outline on the weapons? 😀 It’s nowhere, not even on the first weapon, and not on the weapons of enemies, just on the characters one from the second and on.

  5. It’s a lot of fun, especially the battles once you get the hang of them! The animations (particularly the bouncing of stat bars when they change) really help add to the atmosphere. Three tiny things I noticed: – it’d be good to be able to choose a button other than mouse click; I was playing it on my macbook and I had to go and dig up a real mouse in order to be able to play it properly (holding the mouse button down and releasing it with good timing, in particular, was annoying on the trackpad) (side note: I also tried to play it on my android phone, it loaded 100% but then didn’t do anything. It’d be a good game to be able to play on the go with my fancy newly-flash-enabled device) – the icon for “just press the button once” looked to me like “don’t touch the button at all” in comparison with the other icons, which had arrows to indicate what you are supposed to be pressing. – the tiny half-second or so you had to wait after letting go of the button for “walk” and hitting it again for “explore” got a little annoying. I always wanted to release the button and press it right back down again, but that didn’t work.

blog updates

Today I discovered that my blog had been infected with some spammy-type junk, so things will be a bit dodgy as I move this over to my central wordpress installation. But, fret not, things will be back in order asap.

Update: Spent the better part of the day fixing things up, figured it was time for a new theme too, so that’s what’s been taking most of my time. It’s not quite done yet, but it’ll do for now.

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  1. Oooh, sweet theme! 😀 I love it!

glorg tees

One might say that I like t-shirts. Quite a bit, even. So, in an effort to dress the entire planet in these best of garments I join the long line of people selling them on the internet.

I put up a tiny store on my grapefrukt games site, unfortunately you will need to have  a paypal account to pay, but it’s the best I could arrange without making this a huge deal.

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glorg is done

The first commit in my subversion repository for glorg was made the 19th of august last year. Back then it was little more than an experiment with random dungeon generation. In december when gamma announced it’s theme for this year I rejiggered the game to be played with one button. It’s come a long way since then, I’ve added more floors, more enemies and just made it plain better. All that stuff and still just one button.

Back when I was at GDC I met dannyB, he is the most amazing dude and as through some kind of spell he really liked the concept of the game. Deals were made, beers were consumed and thus glorg features four soothing melodies to bash enemies over the head to.

I also persuaded my good friend and partner in crime Jonas to do a cover for the game in the good old style of “cover unrelated to actual game”. I absolutely love this picture to bits.

Now begins the work of finding a sponsor, the game is up on Flash Game License or if  you so prefer, you can contact me directly by email.

Update Aug 27: It seems FGL’s approval queue is pretty backed up at the moment, this took me a bit by surprise,  sadly there’s not much more to do than wait. Sorry about that.

Update Aug 29: Added FGL link.

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  1. I love it!. The cover to gameplay disconnect is sooo retro. There was not a single Atari 2600 game that’s cover or advertising matched the game. Yes, I am old.

  2. Can’t wait!!

  3. Well looks really great. But the cover doesnt really have anything in common with how the game really looks should be more alike.

  4. Best news I’ve heard in a while!

  5. Danny B is totally awesome. His music is the best. Check out his website.

fast as a shark

So, I didn't just talk at nomoresweden made a game too. A really bad one. It's called fast as a shark, and you can play it below.

The whole game, save for some code I had lying around since earlier for the water was made between 1:46 and 1:59 in the timelapse (i'm the guy in the pink t-shirt).

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i don’t care about your input

A couple of weeks ago I went to the excellent indie gathering no more sweden. This year we didn’t only make games, we had talks too, so I figured I’d try and do one. It’s about 15 minutes long and features the first public preview of what glorg looks like nowadays. Enjoy!

There's tons of more videos on youtube.

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  1. That was an cool and fun lecture. Can’t wait to try out Glorg!